Working area

Where we work

The FORVAC working area is divided into clusters as follows:

  • Lindi cluster: Liwale, Ruangwa, and Nachingwea districts
  • Ruvuma cluster: Namtumbo, Songea, Mbinga, Nyasa, and Tunduru districts
  • Tanga cluster: Handeni and Kilindi districts located in Tanga region, Mpwapwa district located in Dodoma region, and Kiteto district located in Manyara region
However, for the extension period July 2022 – June 2024, the emphasis of the FORVAC support is Lindi and Ruvuma clusters, and the FORVAC sub-office has been removed from Tanga cluster. The remaining cluster offices exist in Ruangwa (Lindi cluster), and Songea (Ruvuma cluster). The FORVAC headquarters is located in Dodoma.

The programme also covers capacity building and policy development at regional and central levels in the country.