FORVAC in Brief

Forestry and Value Chains Development (FORVAC) is a 4-year programme (July 2018 – June 2022) funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA Finland) and implemented under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania. It aims to contribute in increasing economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and woodlands. The expected outcome of the programme is “Improved forest sector market / value chains contributing to sustainable forestry and forest-based livelihoods”.

The FORVAC builds on the activities, experiences and lessons learned from three bilateral programs in Tanzania financed by Finland: National Forest and Beekeeping Programme (NFBKP II, 2013–2016), Lindi and Mtwara Agribusiness Support (LIMAS, 2010–2016), and Private Forestry Programme (PFP, 2014–2019). As FORVAC is doing, NFBKP II and LIMAS worked under the Community-based Forest Management (CBFM) regime to advance sustainable forest management and generate income and employment to communities of declared Village Land Forest Reserves. PFP also shares experiences in value chain development, mobilization of rural communities for economic activities, and developing training and extension services for small-scale forest enterprises.

COVID-19 Guideline

The spreading of COVID-19 would be a huge challenge to an already
constrained health care system, so prevention is the key. We have collected safety measures and advice on how to reduce the risk of catching the virus and minimizing the risk of spreading it further during FORVAC supported activities.

Please, download our COVID-19 guideline from here if you are operating with us: