Our team

Our Team

Peter O'Hara

Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)

Peter O'Hara works as a Team Leader of the FORVAC, supervising and leading the Technical Assistance (TA) team. Together with the team, he is responsible for planning and implementation of the programme activities, monitoring and evaluation and reporting. Peter O'Hara has a focal role in liaison with national and international partners and other stakeholders of the programme. In parallel with forest value chain development, he provides technical backstopping on related community-based forestry, capacity development and policy process support.

Emma Nzunda

National Programme Coordinator (NPC)

Emma Nzunda bears overall responsibility for the management of inputs provided by the Government of Tanzania, ensuring that these are used appropriately and efficiently. She also supports programme planning, implementation progress and impact monitoring for FORVAC to achieve planned objectives and targets. Nzunda also facilitates integration of programme interventions into operations of the Forestry and Beekeeping Division of the MNRT and Local Government operations.